I make lots of other craft but made to order boxes are my favourite



Boxes Made to Order

My boxes range in price from £2.50 to £20 plus postage and packing.

I run workshops too and will teach groups up to 12 how to make these beautiful boxes

Each box is unique and designed around a theme you provide to me 

My boxes are fabric covered and, depending on the style of the box, are hand stitched and glued.  


Trinket Boxes

Take the lid off these boxes and you can fan them out to find 3 drawers. I usually make them in 2 toning fabrics.

Etui Boxes

Etui boxes, or Victorian style sewing boxes, are useful to holding your sewing items.  The centre is designed to hold a thimble and scissors.  The petals fan out and can take your pins and needles (they act as a pin cushion).  

I make these boxes with pockets too which makes them even more practical as they can then hold pencils and tape measures etc.



Gift Boxes

I also make little silk gift boxes.  These can be made to be used as decorations on your Christmas tree or  to decorate your table.  They can contain chocolate or a small present.

Other Craft

I make lots of other craft too.  Here is just a small sample
I love embroidery.  I've tried my hand at Blackwork and Hardanger but keep returning to Cross Stitch.  These little samples are actually pin holders.
  This a a Japanese Temari Ball.  I make them at Christmas to hang on the Christmas Tree.  In Japan they are made for the New Year as presents from mothers to their daughters.  Each one takes a day to make and the patterns are endless.  This pattern is said to resemble a Chrysanthemum.

Sewing is a passion.  I'm always looking for something that little bit different.  The pattern for these little bags to hold cheese was discovered in New Zealand.  I also make Cafetiere Cosies, pie carriers (the pattern came from USA) and little covers for hot saucepan handles in the shape of mice.

When all else fails you'll find me quilting.
When the mood takes me I like a bit of paper crafting too.  I use a variety of materials including encaustic art, pens, DVD images, my own photos, Teabag folding, iris folding, stitched cards, fabric based cards and, a recent discovery, moving and pop up cards.

Free Downloads

Easy Coaster Instructions
These coaster are easy to make.  I made 8 of them for a friend and they are now in use in the sunshine of Dominica. 


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